Visionary in more ways than just Music Twenty years ago before Facebook and Twitter drew us all closer together (or further apart), David Bowie sat down with Jeremy Paxman of the BBC to discuss the future we know now. He recounted Rock ‘n’ Roll, rebellion and how the internet would not only change music, but clue us […]

NYC Jazz Singer Stays Positive in Wake of World Crisis A couple of weeks ago, Kristina Koller and her NYC jazz band were in Florida and feeling pretty good about the tour they just did. Getting on the plane, the group was aware of the virus and weren’t that concerned. Of course, everything changed overnight, and she’s […]

The Old Guard versus the New The undeniable link Japan has held with Reggae for the last several decades may seem quite unlikely to those of us who haven’t noticed. So trying to figure out how the lineage actually emerged probably requires a full subscription to the musical version of Ancestry.com. On the contrary, a simple search […]

1960s Classic Rock Icon is Grateful for his Long 15 Minutes As musicians themselves, the parents of Classic Rock Icon Gary Puckett made sure their children grew up in a home where music was often played and listened to. His dad played the sax and sang in Barbershop Quartets, and his mom was an accomplished […]

Singer Holds his Place among New Jersey Rock Legends Southside Johnny Lyon of classic rock fame grew up on the Jersey Shore Club scene with the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Van Zandt, and a full gamut of R&B performers that the mid 60’s offered. In full collaborative mode, they learned from each other and […]

Somers Singer Follows in the Steps of Woody Guthrie As could be said for most of us, hearing the Beatles for the first time begins a journey into music that never ends. “I decided at 13,” said Scott Urgola, “that I needed an electric guitar.” This as he was transfixed to the TV during the […]

Mt Kisco Dad Release CD of Songs that Definitely Sting Who knew that without Daddy Stingray the world we know would barely exist. All the more remarkable since his musical sting and songwriting only blesses us every 15,000 years. In the desolate interim, Daddy Stingray lives in a cave nestled beneath a volcano. But he […]

Like any music, jazz has its revolutions; its sudden incidents in infrastructure; its disruptive presences of unprecedented sound. Mostly it’s slower than that, though, with years and generations of accretions before it seems to call for new vocabulary. That’s one way to look at Winter Rockfest, whose latest incarnation occupied a dozen or so venues […]

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